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The newest model in the new range of vape gear, the Aegis Boost, is a compact tank that offers a lot of power for an affordable price. It is definitely a unique product that is a great addition to the Vape universe. Like many of the newer products from Geekvape, it is powered by the new RBA (Remote Battery Attachment) that means you don’t have to use a USB cord! If you love to build yourself a complex, top-notch system then the Aegis Boost might be perfect for you as it will let you upgrade and add more coils as you get more juice. This is the newest in our range of vaporizers and will be coming out soon so keep an eye on our website for more news.

aegis boost

The Geekvape Aegis Boost sits down on a neat looking stand that is made from a black metal body. It’s quite sleek and has a silver firing button with a red light to let you know when the battery is ready to fire. The backside of this tank features a clear acrylic window that can be opened to reveal the two copper heating plates inside that are responsible for the atomization of the vapors. On the back of the plate is a red plug that is used to connect the 2 independent coils. The cooling plate underneath allows the coil to breathe and is also used to ensure the coils don’t overheat.

The concept behind the Geekvape Aire AIO is an air knife (RBA). This is a small device that runs on the electric current from your computer and draws power from it via its rechargeable NiCad batteries. Once the air knife is activated, it pushes air through the coiled shape of the RBA and in turn heats up the coil that is located inside the center. When the coil is heated, it conducts current to your batteries which then charge them. This increases their voltage as well as their overall performance.

The Aio has a built in micro processor that is responsible for the switching of the modes on the AEGIS Boost. There are three modes that can be switched from: Low, Middle, and High. This adds a great deal of versatility when you are using the Aio. For example, if you want to have full auto-play, you can easily do so by simply turning the dial on the Geekvape Aio to the left and letting it read your batteries.

One thing that really makes the Aio stand out from the rest is the fact that it has a pod mod pre-installed. This basically means that you can enjoy the benefits of a standard microSD but you can also have your own sound effects with your own electronic music library. There are tons of different effects that can be added, including bass, beats, treble, slapback, guitar, vocals, and more. With a pod mod installed, you can definitely have a unique and distinct experience when you are Vaping! And since the Aio is powered by a triple-A battery, it will last you quite a while, depending on the type of discharge you use for your batteries.

Speaking of batteries, the Aio utilizes a triple-A lithium polymer rechargeable battery. This is similar to the type of battery you would find in a Nintendo DS or PSP. It offers a high amount of capacity, is incredibly fast, and offers high voltage output. It also offers a high wattage output, which means it can get the job done even for people who prefer a lower wattage. There is a built in programmable mod available, which allows you to choose from one of three preset modes. The modes offer Auto mode, Cool mode, or Turntable mode.

One of the most unique features about the Aio is the fact that it can use a NiCad rechargeable battery if you want to change the wattage level. This allows you to not only increase the firing rate of the mod, but actually get up to a 40W charge in just minutes. It has a high temperature warning display, so you know if it gets too hot to the touch. The mod even offers an auto shut off feature, so there is no need to worry about the mod getting stopped unless you want it to.

The Aio AEGIS boosts feature has been designed to work with any AEG unit, whether it be an airsoft rifle shotgun, or even a pistol. If you are an avid Airsoft player, you will find this system extremely handy for a number of different reasons. Aside from being able to use it to charge your AEGs, it also has a rechargeable NiCad battery, which allows you to change the wattage and fire rate without having to get a new battery. It is also equipped with a fully adjustable airflow control, which allows you to vary the speed of the airflow, which helps your weapon’s fire at a faster rate. The Aio AEGIS also has a built in system to prevent your weapon from overheating, which allows you to be sure that your weapon is always operating at its optimal performance.