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aegis boost pod mod

The Geekvape aegis boost Pod Mod packs a powerful punch. It’s truly a vapor machine that packs a wallop. If you’re looking for a vapourizer that can be utilized for both dabbing and smoking, the geekvape aegis boost Pod Mod really is what you’re looking for.

Just like the Geekvape Volt, the aegis boost pod mod features a built in rechargeable battery, a variable wattage control, and a vapor composition that mimic a conventional vaped experience. Plus, this unit features a unique glass tank that allows users to customize their units. You can also get a specially designed cap that will allow the AEGis Boost Pod Mod to be compatible with any mouthpiece or hookup. All of these functions make the AEGis Boost Pod a truly unique unit. It’s perfect for anyone who’s a vaper and a smoker at the same time.

The AEGis Boost Pod Mod has a lot going for it. First off, it has a fully automatic shut off. In addition to that, the constant output power ensures that the device never goes below a hundred percent output. The constant output power ensures that this vaporizer never goes below a hundred percent output power. If you want to vaporize, this is the way to do it.

This vaporizer also has a built in battery life. When on the lowest setting, the AEGis Boost Pod mod allows you to get up to sixty minutes of battery life. The AEGis Boost Pod Mod also offers a very high wattage, which is good for those who are looking to get a powerful hit from their AEGs. The high wattage also gives you a lot of power, but you don’t want to turn the wattage way up because it will drain the battery life even faster.

The vapor produced by this AEGiS Bluetooth Mod is unlike any other vapes out there. The vandy style atomizer is known for being powerful, yet smooth and tasty. The aegis series aegis boost mod is a revolutionary new vaporizer, and it takes a lot of the guesswork out of your vaping experience. The vandy electronics are extremely compact, and they pack a major punch.

When on a lower setting, the aegis boost pro allows you to reach up to five watts, yet it still maintains a great battery life. If you are a lot bigger guy or girl, the aegis boost pod mod can be set up to reach a maximum wattage of eleven watts, which is pretty incredible as far as a vaper goes. There is a built in programmable variable wattage control, and a triple battery life indicator LED. It’s tiny little self contained computer will keep track of your nicotine use, how many cigarettes you have taken, how much power is left in the batteries, and how long it will take to recharge.

Speaking of battery life, this aegis boost pod mod comes with a triple lithium polymer, or LiPo, battery, which is a great size and weight for a rechargeable battery. This new one definitely beats the pants off of the original aegis battery and is definitely longer lasting. The new one also weighs a lot less than the original and is a lot more aesthetically pleasing. I’m a fan of the new aegis boost silicone battery, because it makes a really nice tasting juice, is pretty easy to get off, and the price is excellent.

So, overall this aegis boost pod mod is a great deal. It has a very good build quality, a great feature set, and a nice, long battery life. However, it does lack a key feature that the original aegis battery had, which was a programmable variable, if you wished to regulate the amount of nicotine that came out of the bottle. If this key feature were to be implemented, it would have made this unit a must have for any true vaper. This one isn’t perfect, but the improvements are obvious and noticeable.