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They did make a couple of excellent mods in 2018 though with the tessera and the eleaf iStick nowos and an actually excellent pod system to begin off 2019 with the elven. The Pico X set is a set is a kit that includes a single 18650 battery pico X mod ranked at 75 watts and includes the Melo 4 D22 tank as well which i won’t actually be touching on. Looking around online i see them priced at around 30-35 USD for the vape mod

Maker’s Specifications:
Size: 31 x 50 x 112 (with Melo 4) mm

Soft and ergonomic rubberized surface

Display: OLED 0.69 inch

Power variety: 1 W to 75 W.

Intelligent wattage suggestion.

Voltage variety: 0.5 V to 9 V.

Temperature range: 200 ℉ to 600 ℉ or 100 ℃ to 315 ℃.

Resistance variety: VW/Bypass mode: 0.1 Ω to 3Ω, TC modes: 0.05 Ω to 1Ω.

Battery type: single 18650 cell (offered independently).

Firmware Upgradable.

Included in box:.
1 x eleaf iStick Pico X (without cell).

1 x Quick Charge micro USB cable television.

1 x iStick Pico X user handbook.

Initial Impressions and functions.
When I initially got this mod it was precisely as i expected. It’s a pico. It’s the current in a long series of pico mods returning to around 2016. I’m no stranger to picos either. I’ve reviewed the pico 25, pico 21700, and pico x. Not to mention it’s been a popularized design due to the appeal of the original pico we seen on numerous mods like the smok AL85, Vaptio Wall Crawler, The Geekvape Lucid just to name a few. I make sure more exist out there. So yeah not much to state beyond yeah it’s another pico.

Watt Mode Performance (chart and spreadsheet in picture album).
Now let’s enter some information. I ran my normal screening. I utilized Sony VTC5A batteries for the testing. Evaluating resistances were done at.14,.19, and.58 ohms. wattage points were max (75 ), 60,40, and 20. At.14 ohms it maxed out at 71 watts and 23 amps. For the rest of the screening it was rather excellent just being 2 watts off at worst. At.19 it maxed out at 75 watts. Once again actually great never ever being off by more than 1 watt, the rest of the screening. For the.58 testing it maxed out at 81 watts and 6.837 volts. For the rest of the testing it was excellent once again even worse case 4 watts high at 60 however under 60 never off by more than 2. The volts shows there is an increase circuit as there need to be with single battery mods. I have actually only come across 2 that do not have them the ijoy capo squonk and the geekvape lucid and both were stops working for me due to that.

General I felt the performance of this mod was actually great. The picos have always been excellent performers for power mode so no surprises there. The max watts i got was 81 so I consider it to be properly ranked at 75 watts if not a little underrated.

Simplified TLDR Power Performance summary.
Mod efficiency is actually excellent like anticipated from a pico mod. Precisely ranked for watts (81 ), Yes enhance circuit, typical amp limit of 23. Volts tested at 6.837. Both volt and amp limitations were capped off by the wattage in my resistance variety.

Other Usage Notes.
The mod utilizes a standard 5 click of the fire button to turn on and off. There is a choice as to what to reveal on the screen extra (voltage, puffs, puff time), stealth mode (on or off), Preheat settings (by power and period) screen timeout, version, live battery voltage reading, lock coil, and set up the TCR memories. The menu for simply altering modes is simple and simple however when you want to change the sub menu stuff the icons kind of suck and would have been much better with text on such a small screen.

The Pico X changes by.1 watt increments at under 20 watts and complete watt increments over 20 watts. , if you hold the modification button it does adjust quite quickly so well done there.. My only problem is the change buttons are on the bottom of the mod like the pico 25 and not a fan of that personally. The mod itself is developed solid with no rattle at all, and very lightweight. The Battery door is the “pico styled” (duh) cap you loosen. The threading is nice and it’s simple to get in and out without harmful wraps. The battery goes in positive side down so the cap screws over the negative. The paint is pretty good also without any signs of wearing. It’s also rubber layered so it has a great feel in the hand and all 1 solid color. Personally i truly like rubber covering on mods.

The fire button is a big and clicky fire button that is a concave rectangular shape. It works well and It never ever gets stuck or anything though which is as it should be and is truly comfortable to use and quite big. The 510 is good and provided me no concerns nevertheless i only got to use 3 atomizers on this mod due to the size constraints. The mod deals with a 22mm atomizer max due to the battery cap. Not a fan of mods restricting size and 22mm isn’t extremely typical these days where even some MTL RTAs are larger than that. You can’t even combine it with the MTL zenith tank as that a person is 23mm. It truly injures this mod total and is the only real issue i have with it. They ought to have made it 25mm suitable like the pico 25 as the size distinction is extremely minimal. The screen is an extremely little black and white “traditional DNA” design screen. Not a fan of that personally. It’s intense enough though and not dim but not really clear and rather small. For branding the mod itself there is a little “pico x” on the bottom of one side and a little “eleaf” on the bottom of the other. Nice and really easy so no problems there. They list a charging rate of 2A, i did some small screening and limit i got was 1.36 A so a 1.5 A rating would have been far more suitable IMO, however i do not recommend charging internally in your mods anyway and still an excellent charge rate so not a big deal.

batteries are simple to get in and out without damaging wraps.

color alternatives (5 ).

good fire button.

little portable size.

good rubber coating.

primary menu system is excellent and simple.

excellent power mode efficiency.

properly ranked for watts.

excellent volt limit.

sufficient amp limitation.

good construct quality.


the sub menu layout is bad.

22mm atomizer limitation.

small not so clear screen.

somewhat overrated charge rate.

adjustment buttons on the bottom.

If it might manage at least a 24mm atomizer it would have been a yes for me as a power mode mod. It’s a strong little power mode mod thats really little and budget friendly. The pico 25 is functionally the very same just without the 22mm limit so I won’t be including the mod to my spreadsheet of recs connected down below simply because the pico 25 is a more universal option.

This is Anthony Vapes just keeping it honest, hopefully you all can state the very same and i’ll catch you on my next review.

The Pico X package is a kit is a set that includes a single 18650 battery pico X mod rated at 75 watts and consists of the Melo 4 D22 tank as well which i will not truly be touching on. I’ve evaluated the pico 25, pico 21700, and pico x. Not to discuss it’s been a promoted design due to the popularity of the original pico we seen on lots of mods like the smok AL85, Vaptio Wall Spider, The Geekvape Lucid simply to name a couple of. Mod performance is truly great like anticipated from a pico mod. For branding the mod itself there is a little “pico x” on the bottom of one side and a small “eleaf” on the bottom of the other. The pico 25 is functionally the same simply without the 22mm limitation so I will not be adding the mod to my spreadsheet of recs linked down below just because the pico 25 is a more universal choice.