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The new vaporizer from VandyVape is the AEGIS Boost. The product is a miniaturized version of the original AEGIS vaporizer. They both have the same heating mechanism but are different in appearance. The AEGIS is a little longer than the Geekvape Jackaroo. Either way, the AEGIS Boost is definitely worth a look if you are looking for an affordable and efficient vaporizer.

aegis boost

One of the major differences between the two devices is the power source. The AEGIS Boost uses a triple-A battery, while the Geekvape AEGis uses a standard one. The difference lies in the output power of the units. The AEGIS Boost is fitted with a much larger battery and has a much higher output power.

The AEGIS Boost, like most other vapes, features a bottom airflow system that is adjustable. It can be adjusted to get either tight or loose airflow. This makes it suitable for anyone who likes a strong flavored vapors. If you are a fan of the top filling technique, the AEGIS Boost may not be the right model for you since it doesn’t feature a top filling system.

The AEGIS Boost has a lot of benefits that make it a popular choice among many vapers. For one thing, it is very compact and lightweight. The triple-A battery can store a lot of wattage and can last for an extended time without a recharge. This is very useful for someone who wants to keep their collection of e liquid on hand but also works best with a warm vapor producing system.

The AEGIS Boost has an easy to use controls that allow the user to adjust the wattage and control the strength of the vapor. The triple-A battery offers variable wattage, temperature and control. The 0.4 ohm coils allow for a powerful and consistent flavor. The AEGIS Boost even has two coil options; a low resistance and a mid Resistance setting which is perfect for new users who may have difficulty controlling their coils at first.

The AEGIS Boost can be used with a number of different pod systems including the Vaping Pod System. The pod system allows for the user to be able to add flavors through pods. The pods can be purchased separately. There is a pre-installed pod making the entire setup very simple. Some of the flavor options that are available through the Vaping Pod System include; French Vanilla, Fruit Colada, Fruit Juicy Fruit, French Vanilla, Chai Tea, Hazelnut and more.

The AEGIS Boost can be charging via the USB connection or AC adaptor. It has a charging port located on the bottom which is compatible with most batteries and chargers. Most users prefer the direct charging method, because it eliminates the need for a cord that often gets in the way. Many vapers also prefer the direct charge because it eliminates the need to worry about their battery being dead or needing to be recharged, which makes it much easier to get on the go.

The AEGIS Boost comes with a kit and Vapor Cloud device which are everything you need to get started with the AEGis Boost kit. The kit includes a 2000mah battery, a glass mouthpiece, three glass pods, an air chamber and a USB cable. You will also need an air hose to connect the kit to your computer or a wall outlet. Included in the kit are manuals and other information which will help you get the best experience from your AEGis Boost kit. Most vaporizers will have user reviews available on their website for you to read. The AEGis Boost kit is recommended for anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of a vaporizer without having to worry about their batteries or purchasing extra accessories.