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ijoy vape

ijoy vaporizer is a revolutionary new electronic vaporizer that provides all of your vaporizing needs in one convenient unit. It is easy to use, with two heat settings (low & high), with an audible alarm to let you know when it’s heated up enough. The ijoy vaporizer also includes two extra bowls (one for leaves & another for dry herbs), a mesh basket to catch the dripping juices, a mesh cover to protect the Electronic Vaporizer, a mouthpiece for easy clean up, and two easy to replace batteries.

The ijoy Diamond PD268 is the latest ijoy Vaporizer Kit, which comes with captain x3s upgrade tank and diamond vaporizer mod, powered by two high-performance batteries, max output: 234 watts and includes two interchangeable high-voltage batteries in a rechargeable design. This new ijoy vape Kit comes with twelve stylish colors available, vapors will be the shades of blue you like, this vaporizer makes it easy to customize your vapor experience. You can experience amazing flavors from your favorite fruit or vegetable, plus lots of other tasty goodies.

The ijoy Vapemate is also great! This vaporizer offers two different methods of use, the first with the univ chipset and the second with the box mod. If you are familiar with the vapors from the originals (the gold tone), this unit is an upgrade. The flavor producing is outstanding, and the build quality is excellent, this vaporizer gives you a smooth flavor every time, and the price is just below what you would pay for a pro style box mod.

The univ chipset modifies your unit by allowing for larger flavorful vapes and allows you to use one hand. It comes in stainless steel and is compatible with the ijoy world site. If you want a little extra you can upgrade to the gold tone kit, this upgrade adds a super thick silicone cover to the entire body and gives it a very cool, futuristic look. You can have tons of vapor flavors available and some truly awesome results, the ijoy world site offers over sixty flavors available in the univ package, along with a bonus e-book, the ijoy unv mod has received rave reviews.

The biggest differences between these two units is the amount of power they offer. While the univ package offers less power than the vaporizers offered by the World site, both come in at least three times the power of the original ijoy vaporizer. For most people a trade off is certainly worth it, the prices are very comparable and the flavors available are nearly identical. I think it is safe to say that the flavor difference is purely cosmetic and it really does not affect the overall value of either machine.

Both units are incredibly compact and can fit easily in a purse or backpack. The univ comes in at a price that will fit into most budgets and is generally more affordable than the vaporizer on the site. It also has a rechargeable battery which should last quite a few sessions before needing to be recharged. The two machines have about the same size and weight and the univ runs a bit cooler, so if you have a small room you may want to go with the univ.

If you are looking for a vaporizer with a lot of wattage then you might want to give the ijoy unv mod away. It offers over twice as much wattage as the vaporizers on the site and has comparable flavor. The World site does not list prices but they do sell the vaporizers at a discount of around fifty percent off the retail price. It also is listed as the best vaporizer money can buy online and has received many favorable reviews. The vaporizer is perfect for using with the ijoy single. The larger unit has a larger amount of wattage but is much heavier so this may not be the best choice if you are planning on using the vaporizer on the go.

Both units are very reasonably priced and come highly recommended by their websites. The two units are similar in features and function so it really comes down to what your budget constraints are. You will have a better chance of finding a unit that fits your budget and your needs than simply going straight to the store and buying the cheapest one on sale. The best sites have reviews and recommendations from consumers, and they sell the highest quality units at the lowest prices on the market.