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If you are looking to buy a quality electric e-Cigarette with an electronic delivery system and a wide range of advanced features at an affordable price then the Smokley Vape is the perfect solution. The Smokleys are a brand of e-Cigarette that has taken design and technological advancements to a whole new level. Not only do they look great but they also work well. The e-Liquids produced by Smokley are some of the best on the market. The e-Cig Vaporizer produced by Smokley is extremely advanced and provides a lot more than your standard e Cig.

E-Liquids produced by Smokley come in two different forms of the standard and the e-Cig Vaporizer. The e-Cig vaporizer is built around a rechargeable built in battery. These batteries have a built in safety cut off to protect users and prevent fire. The standard Smokley Vape Starter Kit comes without a built in battery. The kit however can be purchased with a thirty day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Vaping with a Smokley Vape Starter Kit comes with easy to follow step by step instructions and the kit can be used with any e-Cig device compatible with the vaporizer including the Cloudberry iPhone. The e-Liquids produced by Smokley are very comparable to those produced by other leading brands and you can expect the same quality performance. Smokley Vape has integrated batteries and this feature is one of the main differences between these two variants. The built in batteries in the Smokley kits allow for the user to change their nicotine liquid via the e Cig type mod when they run out of it. The e-Cig Vaporizer on the other hand uses a tank that holds liquid and when the tank runs out of liquid, the user simply refills the tank to continue smoking until they get their next refill.

The Cloudberry iPhone e-Cig Vaporizer can be used with almost any electronic cigarette as it does not need a tank. The e-Cig kit contains the necessary components to use with almost any electronic cigarette. It is also compatible with the Cloudberry electronic cigarettes which include the Cloudberry Skin, which provides a smooth comfortable wrap that completely envelopes your body. The Smokley tank can be refilled using the same e Cig liquid or an e Cig battery. The tank acts as a reservoir for e-Cig liquid while the sub-ohm power supply produces the vapor.

Smokley Vape has developed some innovative mods that make using their products even easier and more fun. They offer two different temperature controls. The first of these temperature controls allows the user to adjust the temperature of the vapors. This is great especially when the weather outside is cold and people are craving some warm airflow. The second temperature control allows the user to adjust the temperature of the Sub Ohm battery by utilizing a back to back switch.

Another extremely popular mod that Smokley offers is the “Pro Mode”, which is a single coil Vape Mod. Most vapers who have tried the standard mod have stated that it is too tough to use in the long run. The Smokley version has an easy to use digital display that allows the vaper to set the wattage and the temp control. Many of the papers that have tried this mod have reported that their tastes were immediately changed.

The Smokley “Gold” modulates the wattage and the temperature of the Sub Ohm tank by itself. It also has a variable wattage/ Temp control and allows the user to add batteries easily. The only issue with the Gold mod is the battery life. It took several days for the battery to reach full charge.

Some Smokley users have reported that they are experiencing interference from either a power adapter or a TV, especially if they are using the “Pro” mode. This issue should be resolved in the near future. It is important to keep in mind that all Smokley devices use a T5 aluminum wire, so compatibility with other electronic devices should be no problem. The only known side effect of the entire setup is that the temperature of the Sub Ohm tank can affect the temperature of the vapor produced. It is recommended that all vapers using the Sobeho mod upgrade to a full version.